The target of the project is to connect renewable energy sources to the energy grid in a more efficient way through innovative PP nanocomposites that aim to inprove reliability at operating voltages in DC cable insulation and in power capacitors.

The GRIDABLE project will aim for cost efficient, high quality and safe production of nanocomposites that can be utilized in industrial applications that are considered as major building blocks of future smart energy grid. The more reliable insulation material will enable smaller insulation thicknesses and thus smaller components that are made of recyclable thermoplastic materials. These materials are also more energy efficient to produce for cable applications compared to traditional thermoset plastics. The nine GRIDABLE project partners represent expertise on industrial manufacturing and processing of high-voltage components, which university and research center partners support in material development and high-voltage engineering roles. The results will be demonstrated in model DC-cables and in real power capacitor units.

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Newsletter 3, March 2019
100% Renewable Energy Needs Lots of Storage. This Polar Vortex Test Showed How Much. According to Inside climate news the key for the use of green energy supplied by wind and solar farms is energy storage, this has been shown in the cold January days when if renewable energy had to be used much more battery storage capacity would have been required.

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Compounding, Structure and Dielectric Properties of Silica-BOPP Nanocomposite Films; I. Rytöluoto, M. Ritamäki, K. Lahti, M. Paajanen, M. Karttunen, G.C. Montanari, P. Seri, H. Naderiallaf; IEEE International Conference on Dielectrics (ICD)
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